Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some current sculptures in progress

I've been busy here as usual! Going to try and update this blog a little more regularly, though entries might be brief. For now, here's some of the horses I'm working on!

Some micro minis, Penumbra, and Bill

Minis: Zap (walking qh), Spark (bucking foal), Squirrel! (striking stallion). Traditionals Tumbleweed and Whirlwind

The micro minis! 


Anonymous said...

Exciting! I especially look forward to seeing Zap get finished :)

Anonymous said...

When will you have finish work back open? Your models are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

Anonymous said...

OMG Penumbra!! I have to get my hands on that boy asap!! He looks like a arabian with attitude! It's a must in my book! ~ Cant wait to see what he turns out to look like!