Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Supernova, and general "stuff"

Most of my time lately has been spent working on commissions, and I need to organize those photos and post them, but tonight is not going to be the night for that. In between I've been working on a few other projects--Supernova and a couple of customs. Nova is approaching completion and I'm currently waiting for a critique on him.

On the CM front... I am working on a drastic CM Sham and a CM PAM. The PAM is my NAN donation (enough acronyms?) and is still in the early stages; the Sham is finished being resculpted and is in the painting stage. He's going to be some shade of gray but I'm going with the flow and seeing what he says he wants to be.


I have been posting smaller and more frequent updates on my new Facebook page, which you should be able to get to here, assuming I can manage a link. You can subscribe to that page and see my little updates!