Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Supernova...take three

Well... Supernova needed more than I had thought! His new head (shown in "Supernova...take two") was too large by about 1/4". That doesn't sound like a lot, but it made a huge difference. And once I had sculpted him a new head to the correct scale, I realized that his neck was much too thick and large. And once I fixed his neck, I realized that the rest of his body was also much too wide. So I removed a ton of Apoxie (resulting in an incredibly dusty studio!) and resculpted nearly the whole thing. Again.

I also had to move his right foreleg back, which finally sorted out a number of issues I had been having (back appeared too long but measured OK, chest was messed up, etc.) And I had to cut all his legs up and correct the lengths and angles. At least he's back in one piece now! His legs still need a ton of resculpting as the muscles and tendons aren't correct right now.

I gave him a new tail, this one is all flippy and fun! I will still need to fill in some areas as it will be extremely difficult to cast as it is now. He has a new mane that I want to add some more flippy-ness to as well.

As you can see I got blue apoxie this time around! I also got pinkish, but I like the blue better. These colors were on sale, so I figured I would give them a try. They seem pretty similar to the normal "natural" Apoxie, but maybe with slightly less of a tendency to "pull", which is definitely a good thing. I was trying to use the blue on his mane/tail/eyes (and eyelashes!) but I didn't remember to bring the natural with me on vacation, so if I want to work on him now he will have to lose his fancy color scheme!

Supernova does have a web page now, although it's rather bare. It is at

Oh, one more thing--Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finishwork update

I've been doing a lot of painting recently and I thought I ought to share some of it with you! Bear with me if the formatting is a little odd here, Blogger seems to have changed since my last post!

This is a commissioned Zim to black tobiano who went off to Australia yesterday; this one took a lot longer than I had expected because every time I thought I was finished I would see something that looked a bit too "flat" or otherwise off. He has many, many layers of shading that unfortunately don't really show up well in photos.

This Zim, in silver dapple sabino, was immense fun to paint and I am enormously satisfied with him. He has a very deep, rich color which the light mane and tail and the sabino markings really set off. He has already made it home to his owner!

This palomino Cooper I painted as a sales piece (he is available now, $425 ppd, please email me at to purchase!). I have historically had difficulty with palominos when I was using pure pigments. I used a combination of airbrush, hand painting, and pigments on this guy and he turned out beautifully. He has layers of metallics through his coat that give him a gorgeous shimmering depth that changes as you move him. He also has very subtle dapples on his barrel.