Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bay rabicano Cooper for sale

This handsome boy is up for sale now! Photos are up at He's $500 including postage.

Yesterday and today have been spent mostly in sculpting, with only a bit of painting thrown in. I'm working on Twist and Shout ("Mr. Drama" from before) and micro minis, mainly, with a tiny bit done on Zap as well. It's just about time for Twist and Shout to get critiqued, and I'm sure I'll have plenty more to do on him once some more eyes have looked at him.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Completed commissions

Woo! I am finally moved in to the new house, although I'll probably be unpacking and finding stuff for years to come. I now have a room dedicated as the studio, which has been wonderful--at last, I have a desk just for painting! And shelf space to get in-progress stuff up off the desk and out of the way! It is delightful.

I also finally bought an airbrush last week, which has been quite an eye-opener. It makes some effects that I had been struggling with much easier, and I can tell it's going to be an immense help. Of course, it can't do everything--and I wouldn't try to make it--but for what it does do it's pretty cool. When I first picked it up it was like learning to write all over--it's a very different feel from a paint brush, and requires different muscles and techniques to use it.

I just finished and mailed out two commissions, both portraits and both bay although quite different in their own ways--an Abel and a Cooper (pictured above). I am very pleased with both of them and hope their new owners are as well!

That brings me to another point--I am now accepting commissions for finishwork! I've put some details up at As you can see from the two horses here I am happy to do portraits! I do still have a few Shah Azims and Abels, as well as Cooper, so if you're looking to get any of those painted I can supply the resin as well. Just drop me a note and let me know what you'd like!