Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Supernova--done and available for preorder!

Well, after a long time, a lot of work, and just a little cursing, Supernova is finally finished and in the mail to Tennessee, where Mountain View Studios will be casting him! It's always a bit of a relief to get them in the mail, as I generally keep adjusting things right up until I send them off! In Nova's case, I was smoothing out some imperfections and had just set him down after a coat of primer when I knocked him over onto the concrete--DOH! But I *almost* managed to catch him, so the only damage was a ding on his hip and a cracked tail, both easily repaired. And then I took final pictures (these pictures) and he was packed and almost ready to go...when the mailman came! I had to run down the street after him to give him the package, but he did make it!

I love the shot of his head (above). I think it does a good job of showing the facial detailing! He's a bit hard to photograph because of how much his head is turned.

Supernova is available for preorder now. I'm offering 15 resins for preorder and will sell the remainder of the two-to-three mold run once the first mold has been made, which should be within 6-8 weeks. He is $240+$15 shipping/handling within the USA or $30 s/h internationally. Please email me at maggie@maggiebennett.com if you'd like to order yours!

Oh, and there are lots more photos up at http://maggiebennett.com/supernova.htm