Monday, June 22, 2009

Mr. Steady and Mr. Drama

Mr. Steady, "Zap":

and Mr. Drama (who still is in need of a name):

The pair together:

Zap is a portrait of a real Quarter Horse gelding. The other guy is an Arabian stallion, and is still in need of much work--like hind hooves, as well as the obvious mane/tail/overall work/facial detailing! They are both in LB scale--it's a fun scale to work in, being big enough to be detailed but small enough to be easy to handle. I've been working on them in between painting, prepping, and resculpting other horses for Breyerfest, which is only a few weeks away!

I am moving several states away between now and Breyerfest, as well. It's going to be an extremely busy month. I'm hoping to have 4-5 Coopers finished and for sale at the Artisan's Gallery; if you are interested in a specific color and would like to reserve one let me know. As of now I am planning: chestnut appaloosa (nearly finished), bay with mohair, bay, palomino, gray, and perhaps pinto or something else. It's hard for me to remember to post updates when I'm workign so much. I'm looking forward to quitting my current full-time day job and just doing model horses full time.