Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have seriously neglected this blog, mostly because I've just been so busy making horses! My latest sculpture was just finished last week and is already at MVS being molded. You can see (and order) him at http://maggiebennett.com/trenzado.htm

I'm really looking forward to getting the first resins of him, which if all goes well will be in just a few weeks! I'm spending those weeks trying to finish everything else that needs to be done so that when he comes in I might be able to paint one or two in time for Breyerfest.

Speaking of Breyerfest, I'm going to have a booth (along with Morgen Kilbourn) in the Covered Arena! Do stop by and see me if you're going to be there! I'll have resins, micro minis, and all sorts of goodies!

In the meantime, back to cleaning and shipping Superluminas and finishing commissions! :-) I'll try and get a post with some sculpting or painting tips up here soon.