Friday, April 23, 2010

Supernova--nearing completion!

At long last I think Nova is getting very close to being finished. I spent quite a lot of time lately working on corrections after the massive critique that Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig did for the Wind Ward column of the RESS publication, The Boat (and for any other equine artists reading this I highly recommend joining RESS, It won't appear in the magazine for a while since there were other pieces in line ahead of Supernova, but it will be showing up there eventually, and in the meantime I was able to use it to fix him up! 

I still have most of his "skin" to do--wrinkles, veins, little stretchy bits of skin--although I've started on some of each (facial veins, some neck wrinkles, stretchy skin on his butt). 

And some of his hooves still need a touch of reshaping...
And there are some nicks and such that needs filling and smoothing...
But he's definitely getting close! Funny mouth and all (top lip going to his right, bottom to the left):

More pictures at

I'm not taking pre-orders on him just yet but I will take some once he is finished (which hopefully will be within a week or so)! I need to discuss him with the casters and run some more numbers before I can commit to a price but he will probably be less expensive than Zim (who is $315) and more expensive than Cooper ($195).

I have some finishwork that I'm wrapping up too, but I want the horses' owners to see them first so that shall be another post!