Tuesday, September 27, 2011


BreyerFest has come and gone, and now months later I'm finally making another blog post! I have been incredibly busy, mostly with a variety of painting and sculpting commissions, but also with pretty Miss Superlumina! I made this neat little interactive video thing with her as she is right now: http://www.shoogleit.com/1250-0_Superlumina-In-Progress

I've been making a lot of little changes to her--her mane and tail changed totally, but I also adjusted her position, refined her legs, adjusted some proportions, etc. A lot of that has been done in the last week, and everything that isn't grey on her was among those changes this week. She's certainly not finished, but I do think she really is getting there.

On top of that I have been painting (all commissions, no sales pieces right now) and sculpting (customs and original sculptures, but again--all commissions!), so there hasn't been much time or energy for posting. But a lot of my deadlines for various projects are coming up in the next month, so hopefully once all are done I will have a bit of breathing room. I love being busy, but sometimes it gets to be a bit much!

And, in case the Shoogleit interactive video doesn't work, here's Superlumina!