Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Breyerfest goodies!

Well, Breyerfest is approaching alarmingly fast (as always), and I've got a few things to bring along! Not all of these are for sale--some are already sold or are commissions, but I will have them at my table in the Artisans' Gallery at the HIN to look at. I've included just a bit about each one below. If you will not be attending BF but are interested in one of them email me and we can try and work something out.

This Appaloosa Cooper is for sale, $550.

This bay pinto Cooper is already sold.

This bay Abel is a commissioned portrait and will not be for sale.

This rabicano Cooper (see detail shot below) will be $500; his hair still needs a bit of taming!

The dark bay Cooper will be $450. He currently has no markings but I can add a small facial marking if the buyer would like one.

This dapple grey Depeche (sculpted by Jennifer Irwin) is still very much in progress, but will be for sale once he is finished!

Work has been a little broken up right now, since we just bought a house and are moving to Durham NC! I will be going straight from BF to the new place, so I've been trying to pack and everything in between working on horses. I will have a room dedicated as my studio there, which will be a first for me; I will also be doing model horses/artwork full time! Therefore, I will be accepting commissions for finishwork and customization. I still need to work up a rate chart and will be putting that up on my website when I do.