Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A very quick update!

Cooper is getting close to being done! I cast the resin copy yesterday; now I'll have to detail this copy off before sending it off for the production molds to be made.

This step is necessary when working in non-hardening oil clays. It adds some expense, since the silicone rubber, PlastiPaste (hard-curing material used to make a supportive outer mold) and resin are a bit pricey, but it makes the process much easier.

Sculpting in soft clay (or even relatively hard clay!) is quite different than working in hardening material like Apoxie Sculpt. Errors can be fixed by pushing the clay around instead of having to cut or grind off sections and resculpt them.

I find that working in non-permanent materials also tends to change my sculpting style. Different techniques work better in oil clays, and different media must be used; for example, I use oderless mineral spirits to thin clay and to smooth, while I use water or saliva to smooth Apoxie Sculpt.

The next step is finishing this resin. There will be lots of prep-type work to do, filling the many tiny bubbles, smoothing imperfections, and rebuilding a few slipped seams and the one missing hoof. I also will detail him out, adding veins, rebuilding the wrinkles that may have been lost in the molding process, and otherwise adjusting details. I also must figure out the stand situation, as he has only his right hind touching the ground.

Once all this is sorted, it will be off to the casters! I need to get a quote on him, but if everything works as I hope I would like to offer him at about $195 unpainted.