Saturday, January 2, 2010

Supernova...again (take four?): the importance of primer

There's a certain danger in posting in-progress shots, particularly early ones--the piece may change so much that the early shots no longer have any relation to the later ones. I think this is what's happened with 'Nova--he no longer looks very much like those early shots at all!

No changes were made between these two pictures except the addition of primer (although the angle is a bit different). Apoxie® Sculpt, particularly in what they call the "Natural" color, is somewhat translucent--which makes it quite difficult to see details. I needed to give him a coat of primer on this side of his head so that it would photograph better--I now need to match the other side of his head to this one, and it's easier with a flipped photograph, and a mirror as well! You can see that his head is still pretty rough, with visible tool marks and other defects. This guy still has a long way to go--only one of his legs has any detail sculpted in at all right now! His ears are solid because I know I will break them while sculpting if I carve them out now (also why he doesn't have a forelock); his chest is quite rough... just a lot to do! I only work on him evenings and weekends, so it does take longer as well (workdays are spent painting).

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