Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Supernova...take three

Well... Supernova needed more than I had thought! His new head (shown in "Supernova...take two") was too large by about 1/4". That doesn't sound like a lot, but it made a huge difference. And once I had sculpted him a new head to the correct scale, I realized that his neck was much too thick and large. And once I fixed his neck, I realized that the rest of his body was also much too wide. So I removed a ton of Apoxie (resulting in an incredibly dusty studio!) and resculpted nearly the whole thing. Again.

I also had to move his right foreleg back, which finally sorted out a number of issues I had been having (back appeared too long but measured OK, chest was messed up, etc.) And I had to cut all his legs up and correct the lengths and angles. At least he's back in one piece now! His legs still need a ton of resculpting as the muscles and tendons aren't correct right now.

I gave him a new tail, this one is all flippy and fun! I will still need to fill in some areas as it will be extremely difficult to cast as it is now. He has a new mane that I want to add some more flippy-ness to as well.

As you can see I got blue apoxie this time around! I also got pinkish, but I like the blue better. These colors were on sale, so I figured I would give them a try. They seem pretty similar to the normal "natural" Apoxie, but maybe with slightly less of a tendency to "pull", which is definitely a good thing. I was trying to use the blue on his mane/tail/eyes (and eyelashes!) but I didn't remember to bring the natural with me on vacation, so if I want to work on him now he will have to lose his fancy color scheme!

Supernova does have a web page now, although it's rather bare. It is at

Oh, one more thing--Happy Holidays!

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