Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some works in progress

So: some things I've been working on! All these pictures are rather poor, I'm afraid--not great lighting today. Ah well, you can get the idea. Just note that my camera has introduced some graininess that is not in the finish work!

First up is a red bay Willoughby, a commission. I'm waiting to hear back from his owner before finishing him up. He still needs a star at least, and some more hoof and facial detailing, and I haven't even started on his base.

Next is a bay Zim, also a commission. He's going to be a pinto of some sort--just waiting until I hear back from his owner before adding any more markings, since I'm not sure if he needs to be a sabino or a tobiano! He also needs his hooves and other details finished.

And then we having the Rearing Abel. He's the first of ten similar piece I have planned, each customized from an Abel resin to a rearing pose. Each will be slightly different. This one is a liver chestnut, and he's nearing completion--needs hooves and some other details done! He is/will be for sale--$800.

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