Monday, April 21, 2008

A sneak peak

These two quite different horses are some of what I'm working on. The CM Abel in back is my NAN auction donation piece. Still got a good ways to go on him--I haven't even gotten any primer on him yet. And I suppose I need to work out his forelock as well. What you can't see is that his mane and tail are removable. I plan to give him a hair mane and tail as well--so if you like hair, or for performance classes, you can have mohair, if you prefer sculpted--no problem there! I've done some parts a bit differently than I've seen them done before. There shouldn't be any visible join once he's finished.

The little guy (Little Bits scale) is my latest sculpture. He's (obviously) an Andalusian/PRE stallion, in a forward Spanish trot. I still have a ways to go on him what with smoothing and correcting musculature and overall detailing, but he's getting there. I just shot him with his first coat of primer, so now I can see all sorts of things to fix! I plan to have him ready for sale by Breyerfest. He does need a name...

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