Thursday, August 30, 2007

Micro Mini Update

I've nearly finished a couple, and more are getting there! (like the three beasties above!)

You can kind of see my odd sculpting method when working in this small scale. I start by making an armature, and then sculpt in sections. I generally start with one or both front legs (including shoulders), then both back legs (and hindquarters), then head, then neck and body, then mane and tail. If I have a bit of extra Apoxie left from another horse, I might add it on to a belly if the material has set up too much to be easily detailed. Once all this has been done I go back around the horse, refining and fixing errors.

Hopefully it's not too obvious from the photos (since my goal is to make horses that look good, regardless of scale), but these are all micro mini scale. That is, they stand about 1 1/4 inches tall. The foal is 1" tall and the jumper will end up under 2" tall, including his/her base (haven't decided on gender for that one yet!). It does mean that they generally look much better in person than in these huge photos.

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