Saturday, August 25, 2007

I've been productive!

I've been working on micro minis lately. I hadn't done any for many months, due to school. But I finally have gotten back into them, and I think I had forgotten how much I enjoy the little guys.

So here they are: mostly unfinished, still plenty of work to do on almost all of them. Right now there are, clockwise from lower left:
walking Mustang stallion, extended trot WB (standing up, just a skeleton right now), cantering QH (also jst a skeleton), jumping horse (likewise), standing mare, standing foal, prancing Spanish horse, and galloping Arabian stallion.
The Mustang is the only one that's pretty close to being finished; all the rest need varying degrees of work. The Arabian balances on his hind legs and tail, and is turning slightly.

I work in a combination of Green Stuff (GS) and Apoxie Sculpt on the little guys. It's a good combination, and works well for what I like to do. I can't work very effectively when it's too hot in the house, as it is right now, because it tends to set up too fast.

I've also been working on a few other projects, including a Shah Azim painted black for a customer. No pictures just yet, though.

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Carol H. said...

These are so cute! I hope you'll show more progress pictures as you continue.