Monday, April 18, 2011

New sculpture, new scale

This fun little colored cob just wouldn't let me work on other things until he had his say! He was inspired by a conversation on models that balance on two hooves, without a base, like the CM FAS I did. With a CM, I can counterweight the horse internally, but with a hollow-cast resin I can't count on each piece having the same weight distribution. I therefore thought to work in a smaller scale, one in which we could produce solid casts without them being overwhelming, and to make a horse with plenty of feathering so that he would have a good stable footing--and this guy was the result!
He's a bit of a new scale for me. Larger than micro mini, but quite a bit smaller than stablemate, I've been finding this scale a blast to work in lately. I haven't publicly posted pictures of some of the other sculptures I've done in this size, as they are commissions and will be revealed in good time, but I found the size so much fun to work in I couldn't resist making a few more for myself.
This dude (man, I need to come up with a name for him!) is small, scarcely larger than a micro mini. He's really a pony, sculpted to the larger scale (which also needs a name, any ideas?). Other horses in this scale stand about 2" tall--it is approximately 1:50 scale, I believe.
These pictures are just about the same size that he is, on my screen (screens vary so much that there's no guarantee that that will be the same on yours), but click on any of them to see him many times actual size.

He isn't quite finished, actually. I still need to carve out his hooves and check on a few things before declaring him finished.

My fingers here might give you an idea of his magnitude--or lack thereof! But he's not lacking in details; those were fun to work on at such small size!
He will be cast in pewter. I'm not sure of price yet, but I do have some plans revolving around a painted edition!
And here he is with a stablemate, a micro mini, and another sculpture in the same scale--both of them are still in progress!

Any ideas for a name for this scale? Is anyone else doing stuff in a similar size?


GJ Berg said...

Name suggestions:

Puttin' On The Ritz
Steppin' Out (with my baby)

Kelly's Studio said...

Can't help with the scale conundrum, but he's a fantastic little chappy, I can't wait to see finished version popping up, he'll look amazing painted!

ironhorse118 said...

Tack Box size ,, or Tb and Small Packages,,As in dynamite comes in small packages.

April Currier/Stitch said...

I would love to see this in resin. I need one in palomino!

Dottie Hayes said...

Wish he were in Resin and not Pewter. How about "Egan" which is Gaelic for "Little Fire".

Maggie Bennett said...

Thanks guys! I like those ideas, though for his name I'd like to try to keep away from names that have been given to other resins--reduces confusion that way!

I'm curious, Dottie (and April), why do you prefer resin to pewter? I know most models are resin, but for these little guys pewter is significantly less expensive for me, as well as being sturdier--and that means I can make them less expensive for you! I'm going to be using a new caster and from what I've heard they should be very nice castings.

April Currier/Stitch said...

I Think it's the texture issue for me and that if the pewter is damaged it's a bit harder to repair. I would be willing to pay more for a resin casting of this little guy.

Maggie Bennett said...

I'm going to make a new post discussing resin vs. pewter--just as a place to discuss it and the reasoning behind both!

Danielle said...

*grabby hands*

Maggie, he's adorable!

(Now can you do some awesome sculptures in classic scale pleeeeeease :P)