Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sanding Twigs

I just received a container of these sanding twigs (link should be to their page on Micro-Mark, a good supplier of small tools) and they are very handy! They come in an assortment of grits, color-coded by coarseness. The finer ones have four different grits on each twig. These had been recommended to me by someone--Lesli?--and I had put off getting them because sandpaper seemed cheaper.

I wish I had gotten them much earlier! They work wonderfully for removing seams on pewter horses, and I'm sure they will work just as well on resin and plastic. It's much easier to use a twig than my normal folded bit of sandpaper for getting between legs and other difficult to reach areas. If you do a lot of prepping, give them a try.


Anonymous said...

How do they compare to Needle files, if you've ever used those? I too was fed up of the awkward folded sandpaper, but I thought these would need replacement more often so I went with the little metal files (like these at http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/k+s/k+s430.htm). I've found them totally indispensable for pewter and plastic.

Maggie Bennett said...

I use needle files all the time too. The sanding twigs are more flexible, so they don't leave such hard edges as needle files can, and they come in finer grits as well. I'd say they both have their uses!

Katherine Bogucki said...

I picked up a couple of packages of these last summer and I LOVE them! They saved me a LOT of headaches working on a SM size sculpture in epoxy!