Monday, November 23, 2009

Stuff on my workbenches

And yes, it is just "stuff"! Today you get to see a bit of how messy my workbenches are. This is pretty much the normal state of things, unfortunately. About once a month I clear everything off and start again, especially on the painting desk (the sculpting one tends to accumulate more papers, and I only have to worry about dust on the sculpting one, not overspray from the airbrush).

This is my sculpting desk. It's also where my computer normally lives, so this is where I do email, find reference photos, update this blog, etc. See that small semi-cleared space in front of the computer? That's where sculptures in progress go while I'm working on them!

This is exactly how the desk looks right now, I didn't clear anything off it for the photo. Supernova is off to the right, having been beheaded last night (his head was too large; I'm going to discuss that in another post). The roll of toilet paper is used for packing models for shipping. You can see my two lamps; the fluorescent one on the left gets moved over to the painting table when I'm painting. The painting table is off to the left, and the curly red hose underneath the desk runs from my compressor in the closet to the airbrush.

This is my painting bench. I didn't do any painting over the weekend, but I did pull some horses down to check them over. That's why there are three horses on the bench--normally only the one that I am working on is there and the rest are up high on shelves. I'll also have to clean this bench up before I get back to painting today, as it's simply too crowded with all the paints and stuff. The two horses that are actually on the desk are Haidar (who I repainted a large portion of and is almost ready to go) and a commissioned Zim (also almost done!).

You can also see my extra monitor, which I use for reference photos while I'm painting, and my two lights (the third is on my sculpting desk right now). The shelf thing on the right rear usually holds paints but is currently mostly empty because I need to clean stuff up; the bins under the desk also hold paints as well as some sculpting supplies like sandpaper and some other random stuff. The shallow bins on top of the desk (back left) hold powdered pigments.

Oddly (or maybe not) the rest of the house is far neater. I try to keep all my mess in the studio with varying degrees of success!


Carol H. said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a messy workbench ;-) yours looks just like mine!

Anonymous said...

Mine is messy to but I'm not doing any work on it. LOL

Zim looks awesome, looking forward to him coming home. No rush though. *grin*

Braymere said...

Ditto what Carol said--I'm glad I'm not the only one! My workbench is every bit as bad as that right now. It's almost to the point where I will have to clean it before I can work there anymore. Almost.