Monday, June 22, 2009

Mr. Steady and Mr. Drama

Mr. Steady, "Zap":

and Mr. Drama (who still is in need of a name):

The pair together:

Zap is a portrait of a real Quarter Horse gelding. The other guy is an Arabian stallion, and is still in need of much work--like hind hooves, as well as the obvious mane/tail/overall work/facial detailing! They are both in LB scale--it's a fun scale to work in, being big enough to be detailed but small enough to be easy to handle. I've been working on them in between painting, prepping, and resculpting other horses for Breyerfest, which is only a few weeks away!

I am moving several states away between now and Breyerfest, as well. It's going to be an extremely busy month. I'm hoping to have 4-5 Coopers finished and for sale at the Artisan's Gallery; if you are interested in a specific color and would like to reserve one let me know. As of now I am planning: chestnut appaloosa (nearly finished), bay with mohair, bay, palomino, gray, and perhaps pinto or something else. It's hard for me to remember to post updates when I'm workign so much. I'm looking forward to quitting my current full-time day job and just doing model horses full time.


Rayvin said...

I must have a Mr.Drama!! Wow Maggie! Great work on both of them!

Unknown said...

wow maggie I like them! and the size is great too! what is the green stuff your using? also.. where are you moving to? I wish someone would move close to me I need a sculpture friend to sculpt with and help me figure out conundrums and just chat and have fun with..... its a lonley life I tell ya! lol... lookin good...
Rebecca Turner

Maggie Bennett said...

Thanks! The green stuff is...well, it's actually called "Green Stuff"! I mix a small amount of it with Apoxie Sculpt. It makes the Apoxie Sculpt less sticky, more flexible, and green--which makes details more visible than the slight translucency of straight Apoxie. Green Stuff is also known as Kneadatite Blue-Yellow, I think. I have a roll of it that I've had for ever; I use so little it lasts a long time.

I'll be moving to Durham NC. Looking forward to meeting people down there!

Unknown said...

ah darn it.. you should move to washington yea where it rains alot.. although so far this years its been beautiful and not enough rain! lol ok I admit it.. I used to hate rain till I lived in phoenix for 8 years.. now I very much appreciate it and.. I get more work done when it since then I cant go out and do real horses stuff then.. or walk dogs or you know! lol so yea..I wish It would have a real good downpour here we could use it, as could my small garden and yard.
so where do you get that stuff? I use magic sculpt.. its like epoxy sculpt but not as sticky and has more of a stiffer clay like consistency to it.. I also use Aves safety solution with the magic sculpt ...I bought a big bottle and it will last for darn near forever.. it really makes it easy to smooth the epoxy and make hair smoother looking too.. its kinda almost got a glycerin like feel to it. I dip my sculpting tool in it when I work and it makes sculpting more like detailing a good clay or sculpey... more smooth if you get what I mean... . but I love to try new things out.. I even have a pack of that pro-sculpt.. I messed with it a tiny but..I don't care for it but l will use it eventually.. I guess alot of the miniaturist use it to do fantasy art or little army type guys.. anyways I love all the new minis your working on too.. cant wait to see them done!
Rebecca Turner

StoneWolf99801 said...

There going to be beautiful! Looks like Imay have to set up another Payment Plan! I want a Cooper anyways!!!!