Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Couple of Coopers

I'm painting several Coopers; these two are the furthest along! The first one, in chestnut and with hair, is my NAN donation. His hair still needs styling and trimming, and his hooves need some more work, but otherwise he's nearly done. I'll be braiding his mane and tail, in a way that they can be un-braided if his new owner would prefer them loose. Should be neat.

The second one, in bay tobiano, is going to be for sale when he is finished. Sorry about the silly base--I use this while painting to avoid getting paint on the clear bases. He's not quite so far along as the other one; I need to paint his hooves, tail, probably more coats of white and do shading in the white. Drop me a line if you're interested in this guy!


Mirror Bay Model Horse Tack said...

Oh Maggie - your NAN donation looks lovely! Still like a halter for the guy?

anniemare said...

LOVELY! He looks good in so many colors!

Maggie Bennett said...

Yeah, I think the halter'd be cool! Might not be quite as appropriate on him as on, like, Zim, though--he needs a proper bridle, really!