Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am currently experiencing severe computer problems, so this update is not going to be an exciting one with lots of pictures and such! I am working on Cooper, and he was laying down on my desk. Also on my desk was a cup full of paint-water that I had been washing brushes in. Well, I turned my chair, which caught on Cooper's leg, causing him to spin around and knock the cup off the desk...right into my laptop. Which promptly went off. I'm going to let it dry out for a while but I don't have much home of it being redeemable, unfortunately. I can only hope that I can get most of my data off of it. Thankfully I had done a major backup shortly before BreyerFest, so I won't lose too much stuff--but I would be very sad to lose all my photos from BreyerFest! I also have my sales information on there, but it is backed up elsewhere and if I have to get a new computer I will be able to recover it.

Cooper had more to be done on him than I thought! I am currently resculpting all his legs to make them really clean and detailed. That's the most major thing I'm working on--that and filling the thousands of pinholes that my rather poor resin casting produced!

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